We glad to introduce you alpha-version of our new game


from the company “Father&Son”.

“Space Scavenger” is a completely new genre in video games. An unusual and enthralling gameplay. Incredible music. Colorful special effects. Game releases will be for mobile devices (Android, IPhone), as well as a web version.

Web version you can already test on our website by clicking on the menu “PLAY” .

Chrome does not support web-versions. Please use any other browser.

Menu “GALLERY” will gradually be filled with screenshots from the game.

We hope you will like our baby, which I do with my child 🙂

Please note that this is only an alpha version, which will necessarily flaws, bugs and have the other troubles. But be sure, sooner or later it will be correct with your help. Leave your messages and wishes on the forum, entitled “Space Scavenger.” They are very important for us.

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